Nationwide Has Kicked Your Side

This is my first ever written piece in correlation with my photography with the exception of a protest last year. This one is about a great friend of mine, Nation Gibrick. Sometimes going by “Nate”, but being unsatisfied when people address him as Nathan. Let’s be honest, Nation is a way cooler name than Nathan is. Sorry, Nathans.

Nation has been a good friend of mine since high school after moving here to Texas from Las Vegas. It’s great to see him progressing with his craft. I swear I’m not writing this because he bought me enchiladas either.

While this is NOT my video, this is Nation whooping ass in an amateur fight. Actually I wouldn’t even call it a fight as it lasted lass than a minute.

Nation just went pro in MMA, competing in Bellator, currently holding a 2-0 record. We had a great talk during this shoot. We talked about bars, food, dumb things we did in high school, good and not so good people from high school. It felt more like we were hanging out and catching up than doing a photoshoot, but make no mistake, I would never step foot in an octagon or a hexagon or a triangle with him. While he fights in Bellator currently, he believes it is realistic to believe he will go into the UFC, and I have no doubt that that will happen. If you have watched him fight, you will definitely understand.

Matthew Fain